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Cowgirl Tall Fescue

  • Very durable forage grass with a wide range of tolerances to climate and environments. It is both cold tolerant and extremely drought tolerant 

  • Developed and proven to have high forage quality and resistance to environmental stresses along with disease and pest resistance.

  • Widely adapted to different climates and soil types. It’s a long-lived perennial that is low maintenance.

  • Bunch type, soft-leaved, forage tall fescue with high foliage content and can reach 48 inches in height.

  • Incredibly deep-rooted allowing it to survives under drastic conditions.

  • One of the few forage tall fescues that is in the “soft leaved” class and considered to be very palatable and because of its low lignin it produces very high total digestible nutrients.

  • Highly versatile forage grass and can be used for grazing, silage, or hay. It is excellent for planting alone or blended with other forages.

  • Works extremely well with legumes, such as a white clover for grazing or a red clover to produce silage, green chop or hay. It also mixes well with vetch. 

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