Boost HG 

  • Improved fiber digestibility and intake for increased milk production 

  • Greater harvest flexibility and improved forage quality through Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology


  • Unbeatable yield in 4-5 cut system

  • An extremely fast regrowing variety 

Surge HG

  • Improved fiber digestibility and intake for increased milk production 

  • Earlier maturing HG variety with quicker re-growth 

AAC Trueman  

  • Excellent persistence in wet soil conditions

  • A strong creeping rooted variety 

Stellar II

  • Extremely winter hardy & persistent 

  • Very drought tolerant 


  • Excellent for hay & haylage production

  • A high quality branch rooted variety 

Velvet II

  • A proven fine stemmed and leafy alfalfa

  • Optimal for dry hay production 

QS HG Alfalfa Blend

This exciting new blend of Surge HG & Boost HG alfalfas will provide extremely high quality & high yields, with improved re​-growth. 

FSG 420 LH

FSG 420LH provides an added layer of protection for growers looking to mitigate leafhopper pressure in their alfalfa stands. 

QS Legacy Blend

  • 60%  Shield alfalfa

  • 40% AAC Trueman alfalfa

  • These two varieties paired together provide excellent forage quality with the added tolerance of heavier soils and variable drainage with both a creeping rooted and branch rooted alfalfas.

T.F.P. Blend

(Total Forage Performance)

T.F.P. is a proprietary blend of quality alfalfas specially selected to excel in a variety of environments. With a 60% Stellar II and 40% Shield alfalfa blend, T.F.P. has exceptional yield and excellent forage quality. ​

Allied Brand

Allied Brand alfalfa is an economical blend of top performing proprietary alfalfa. This blend is suited for hay or haylage production.

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