Boost HG 

  • Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology improves fibre digestibility and forage quality 

  • Increase in fibre digestion can improve animal intake by 5-10% with a 3-5% rise in crude protein.

  • Increased quality can lead to 2.5 or more pounds (1.1kgs) of milk per cow per day.

  • Greater harvest flexibility allows for the production of higher quality forage on a normal cutting schedule.

  • High yielding variety with excellent disease and pest resistance and very winter hardy.

  • Extremely leafy plant with finer digestible stems


  • Unbeatable re-growth to maximize total seasonal yield and quality

  • Highest quality fast re-growth alfalfa on the market

  • Early maturing alfalfa that allows for earlier harvest with increased tonnage 

  • The variety of choice for aggressive cutting managers

  • Excellent persistence and winter hardiness ratings


  • Very high-quality multi-leaf alfalfa

  • Dual-purpose alfalfa, well suited for both hay and haylage 

  • Outstanding yield potential Excellent regrowth 

  • Very high resistance and winter hardiness ratings 

  • Higher milk and beef production per acre with increased yield and quality 

AAC Trueman  (CRS)

  • Excellent performance in poorer drained soils

  • Increased drought tolerance

  • Creeping root growth habit 

  • Dual-purpose Alfalfa that is well suited for both hay and haylage production 

  • A dark green fine stemmed variety 

  • Excellent persistence and winter hardiness ratings

Stellar II

  • Tremendous yield from a tall very leafy plant 

  • High-quality alfalfa with increased total milk and beef gain per acre 

  • Excellent regrowth to help maximize total season yield and quality 

  • Early- medium maturing to help maximize tonnage 

  • Very drought-tolerant alfalfa 

  • Excellent persistence and winter hardiness ratings 

  • An excellent performer for early cut haylage 

Foundation APR

  • Highly resistant to Aphanomyces Race 2

  • Tremendous yield from an impressive leafy plant 

  • Medium maturing alfalfa that allows for an extended harvest window 

  • Dual-purpose Alfalfa that is well suited for both hay and haylage production 

  • Superior digestibility and feed value ratings 

  • Fast recovery after harvest 

  • A dark green fine stemmed variety 

Velvet II

  • Late maturing Alfalfa that provides an extended harvest window.

  • Extremely high relative feed value rating with increased quality & intake ratings.

  • Tremendous winter hardiness and persistence ratings.

  • Superior disease resistance with HR rating for all major Alfalfa diseases.

  • Higher yields compared to other later maturing varieties.

Pillar II

  • Among the highest-rated Alfalfa for standability North America.

  • Unique lignin structure produces a fine stemmed plant that stands better to flowering stage.

  • Better standability protects against lost forage quality and yield from lodged Alfalfa plants.

  • Easier cutting and harvest with decreased lodging.

  • Impressive, high-quality multi-leaf Alfalfa.

  • Excellent disease and pest resistance.

  • Medium maturing Alfalfa for increased harvest window.

An industry leader in leafhopper-resistant varieties with over 70% resistance.

QS Legacy Blend

  • 55% Showdown Alfalfa

  • 45% Foundation APR

  • A proven superior blend that will perform well where soil conditions are mixed.

T.F.P. Blend

  • T.F.P. 60% Stellar II Alfalfa 40% Pillar II Alfalfa

  • A unique blend of two of Canada's most dependable alfalfas.

  • T.F.P. provides Total Forage Performance with increased yields, quality, re-growth, standability and persistence 

Allied Brand

A unique blend of Quality proprietary alfalfas recommended for use in Eastern Canada. High yield potential at an economical price.

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